Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

  • $6.00

We know that we are all supposed to limit how much sugar we eat, but did you know that sugar can actually be an amazing addition to your skin care? Sugar scrubs are a fabulous way to exfoliate and hydrate your skin from scalp to feet. This simple kitchen staple of sugar, hydrating sunflower oil, and nourishing plant oils makes an effective exfoliant that is simple and clean enough to eat. We suggest using it to scrub your skin 1-2 times a week, so try not to eat all of this delicious scrub. Give this locally made treat as a gift, or treat yourself to a nourishing sugar scrub. 

Want to know more about why sugar scrub is amazing for your skin? 

Glycolic acid is naturally found in sugar. Glycolic acid is a popular addition to many skincare products because it breaks down old surface skin, and encourages the turnover of skin cells. Glycolic acid creates a chemical process that helps to reveal the fresh and radiant skin you have hiding below the surface.

Sugar is a humectant, which means it attracts moisture from the atmosphere and draws it toward your skin. Hooray for moisturizing and exfoliating in one natural step!

The small particles of sugar can help to erode away dead skin, dry batches, and uneven bumps and blemishes. The mechanical exfoliation process can also help to combat fine lines and wrinkles. This sugar scrub combines chemical and mechanical exfoliating, while providing the nourishing moisture to help your skin recover and thrive.