Handcrafted Honeybee SmartyPits Mini Deodorant Sampler Pack

  • $18.00

Want to try our our SmartyPits but you aren't quite sure which scent will work best for your skin chemistry? No problem—we've got you covered with mini SmartyPits! Each mini deodorant is 0.35 oz and comes in itsy bitsy twist-up tube.

Our Standard Formula SmartyPits contains baking soda, but if you need a baking soda free version, try our sensitive skin formula! And of course, is aluminum-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free (just like all of our SmartyPits).

Our naturally scented collection are scented only with essential oils, and includes: lavender rose, lemongrass patchouli, sweet orange and bergamot, and rosemary mint.

Our traditionally scented collection is scented with phthalate-free fragrances including: coconut mango, cool cucumber, eucalyptus spearmint, and tweed & spice.

Buy the four-pack and save--and choose from our naturally or traditionally scented collections!