Lenny Lamb Size 6 (4.6m) Woven Wrap

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Woven wraps are a perfect carrier for a newborn baby on up to a toddler or even preschooler. Woven wraps can be used in many different ways ; the same wrap will fit people of various sizes and silhouettes. Its main advantage is the fact that a woven wrap is always a good choice, no matter the baby's age, weight or stage of development - all you need to do is choose the carry that will work best for you.

Lenny Lamb woven carriers are some of the best value you will ever find! The quality of Lenny Lamb wovens is just amazing for the price. There may be lower priced brands available, but none are as high of quality as a Lenny Lamb! All materials and dyes are safety tested to meet world wide safety standards. When it comes to your child's safety, theres no room for compromise.

A size 6 woven wrap is a wonderful length for doing many carries! Parents that wear a M/L shirt size will be able to do base-size carries such as front wrap cross carry with a size 6. Size 6 is the most common base size for most moms, and is a great size for your first wrap! Some of our favorite size 6 carries are front wrap cross carry, double hammock, front cross carry, back wrap cross carry, secure high back carry, ruck tied Tibetan, and MANY MANY more.

If you have questions about sizing, please consult this chart. Woven carriers arrive in loom state. All woven wraps must be washed before trying on, and are not returnable once washed.

User Manual

Does your wrap come from a true weaving studio, or from a manufacturer that just sources random fabric ? LennyLamb is a true weaving studio.